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Why train? In the world of business and finance, training is an ever-present necessity, to maintain existing skills, develop new skills, complete mandatory and regulatory training, or for personal development. A well trained and skilled staff will always be more motivated and productive than staff….

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Business Analysis & Consultancy

Your business is your future. In a fast-paced world, it is crucial that you constantly monitor, upgrade and improve your business, to stay ahead of the competition, or to implement greater efficiencies. Tom Martin provides a Business Analysis and Consultancy service tailored to your individual requirements.

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Mediation is a structured process by which an independent, neutral party, the Mediator, facilitates the parties in a dispute to reach a mutually satisfactory resolution to the difficulties that have arisen between them. The Mediator does not have any power to compel the parties to take a….

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Project Management

With the fast pace of modern business, change is an ever present fact of life. Increasing levels of complex regulatory and legislative requirements have become a feature of the professional world. Added to this are ongoing and necessary day to day operational needs of the business.

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