Customer Testimonials

Constrain is focused on results and has had the distinct pleasure of helping clients in a variety of industries overcome the issues that slowed and sometimes prevented outright success. Here’s what some of them had to say about us:

Director of Operations & Strategy, Global Support Services - Vmware EMEA
I have known Tommy for over 20 years. He is a thorough professional in everything he does. He has very strong interpersonal and communication skills, and possesses impressive professional and academic qualifications. Tommy is very approachable and has a positive and “can do” attitude. He is excellent as a trainer, delivering his subjects in an easy to follow style, while ensuring the participants get the maximum benefit. Tommy is an excellent person to empower and enthuse others – through his infectious positivity and deep financial and professional knowledge and experience.
E. W.
Learning & Development Specialist
Tom Martin is a detailed orientated training consultant who is very knowledgeable in all areas of Credit Union business.
His training sessions are very informative and Tom always ensures that all areas of this subject matter are thoroughly covered.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Tom for any Credit Union training.
I. D.
Director Sales & Marketing EMEA - ProTek Devices
Tommy is an exceptional Leader with a progressive career built on measureable results and successes. For over 15 years that I know Tommy, he has demonstrated his experience in areas of communication, people and task management, relationship building with both internal and external stakeholders and continuous flexibility and creativity, leading to overall organisational success. Tommy is self-motivated, highly respected, maintains high level of professionalism, energy, commitment, a strong work ethic coupled with exceptional interpersonal skills. I have no hesitation in recommending Tommy.
P. C.
Business Manager - Bank of Ireland.
Tommy worked as Regional Trainer in AIB when I was in Finance & Leasing. He was well organised, patient and a good communicator. A man with a good sense of humour he was excellent in his role.
J. B.
Counselor/Psychotherapist & Clinical Supervisor
I have recommended people to Tommy for mediation and they were very happy with his services and found him to be very professional and experienced and they were happy with the outcome.
I. V.
Infrastructure Support Specialist - Intel Ireland
Tommy Martin is an experienced and skilled professional, who researches thoroughly and goes the extra mile in everything he does. He is supportive and encouraging, and always helpful. His training is delivered in an easy to understand style, and his enthusiasm gets the best out of everyone. I strongly recommend Tommy.
Financial Services & Certified Mediator
I have known Tommy for many years and have referred several clients to him for business guidance and tutoring. On each occasion the individuals indicated that they were very impressed with the advice and guidance received and they confirmed that Tommy had given them a perspective and insight into their businesses that would ensure continued growth and recovery in the face of the many challenges with which they are faced on a daily basis. I have no hesitation in recommending Tommy to any business manager looking for an independent analysis of how their business can improve performance. his relaxed and amenable disposition belies a focus and expertise that will be an invaluable asset to any business that engages his services.
S. D.
Senior Manager - AIB
Tommy is an excellent trainer with a proven ability to impart knowledge and understanding in a wide variety of topics. His organisational skills are top notch and it is fair to say that there are not many trainers/consultants out there who can overcome the problems and issues which arise with the same clarity of thought and decisiveness that Tommy has demonstrated on many occasions in the past. I do not hesitate in recommending him and his skills in the fields of training, consultancy and mediation services.
P. B.
Credit Union
Tommy is a true professional in all senses of the word ,he has a deep and detailed knowledge of various subjects and has a relaxed professional style which makes him very easy to work with. I would highly recommend him as a business consultant/trainer.
T O'C.
Retired Police Chief
Tommy Martin is a highly educated individual who possesses the innate gift of excellent communication with all with whom he interacts. He also has a myriad of professional and unique real-life experiences that qualify him as a highly trained and well-experienced professional. Tommy Martin has continuously demonstrated his exceptional skills to those who have sought his professional assistance.
D. H.
Environmental Health & Safety Professional
I had the pleasure of working with Tommy over a number of years. I found Tommy to be an excellent communicator, sharp and to the point, a diligent instructor with an encyclopedic knowledge on his business and IT subjects. I would highly recommend Tommy as a business consultant/trainer.