Career coaching & Interview Preparation in Ireland

Career coaching is all about you! Many people drift into careers that pay the bills, but do not offer real and meaningful satisfaction or sense of purpose. Using a career coach helps you to explore your passions and talents, and uncover what it is you really want to do with your life.

Having taken that step, the next stage is to devise a strategy to achieve it. Effective career coaching sessions are conducted on a one to one basis. They are unique to each individual, because each person is unique, with their own talents, experiences, aspirations and ambitions. Career coaching helps you to decide on a Career Plan, and then gives you the tools to identify the skills required to achieve your goals. Career coaching also helps instil the confidence to put your plan into action.

Everyone dreams of being successful, and possibly taking a brave first step away from what you presently do. Some people may wish a completely different career and want to uncover what it is they actually need to do to achieve this. For others, there may be a burning desire to attend further education. Yet more might harbour ambitions of starting their own business. In all of these instances, you will benefit from our experience, qualifications and expertise.

Change can be frightening. As humans, we are comfortable with routine, and the strange and new can overwhelm us. Even change that is welcome has to be planned and co-ordinated. Career coaching is particularly important if you are seeking a promotion, career change, or facing the prospect of redundancy. It can be difficult to know what to do or where to turn.

Career coaching will help you to find what your likes and dislikes are, from a work perspective. Career coaching will help you identify any roadblocks preventing you realising your potential, and also develop strategies to overcome this. Career coaching will also help you to make an informed career choice, based on your interests and abilities. Finally, career coaching will give you a definite strategy and milestones to realise your dreams.

In addition to career coaching, Tom Martin also provides expert help and guidance in preparing a tailored curriculum vitae – that will catch the eye of potential employers. Tom also helps prepare people for interviews through one to one sessions.

Use the expertise of Tom Martin to help you map your future, in your own way. Contact us today for a confidential discussion on your tomorrow.