Frequently Asked Questions – Training section.

What type of courses do I need?

You may know exactly what training course you want, based on your job role, or training plan, e.g.   sales training, human resources, and leadership courses will be appropriate for people involved in these roles. Others may not have a specific need and will prefer to mix and match a number of different courses to both self develop and also enhance their professional skillset. Have a look through the wide variety of courses available, see which ones pique your interest, and either give us a call at 066-7143758 or 086-2327130. Alternatively, email us at – we will be happy to discuss your requirements with you.

How do I book a course?

Once you have found the course that interests you, simply ring us at 066-7143758 or 086-2327130, or email us at to discuss your requirements regarding dates, venues, numbers of attendees etc.

How can you design a course when you don't know our company?

Each company and business is different, and has different needs. A “one size fits all” training programme is not our style. We will meet with you to get to know your company, what you do, how you operate and to discuss your training requirements, so that we understand exactly what you need. We will then design a bespoke course specifically for your company, to ensure the training meet your companies requirements.

Ring us at 066-7143758 or 086-2327130, or email us at for further information.

I know I want training but don't know what skills I need, can you advise me?

We also provide a career coaching service, and would be happy to help you identify and decide which areas of your skill set could benefit from training. If you have recently changed jobs, or been promoted, you may be expected to have or learn new skills. Just because you are a manager or a sales person, it doesn’t mean that you couldn’t benefit from financial, administrative or telephone skills.

Ring us at 066-7143758 or 086-2327130, or email us at and let us help you decide the training that would be most beneficial to you.